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Binchester Excavation Project 2009-2014.

Vindolanda Excavations.

 On Bodica's Trail: Innovative Research

A one-day conference, June 29th 2013, at Warwick University, on recent work at Mancetter, with historical and military context.

A conference considering recent research based on Dr Graham Webster's hypothesis which situates Boudica's last battle somewhere close to Mancetter, alongside research into other battle-site hypotheses; presented against a background of up-to-date thinking on the historical and military context.


Key speakers: Professor Aldhouse-Green and Professor Richard Hingley provide the context for the Boudican campaign and subsequent evaluations of Queen Boudica over the centuries; archaeologist Martin Wilson portrays the Roman presence in Mancetter.


Recent exploration of Mancetter's candidacy as the site of the final Boudican battle will be presented, and alternative sites discussed.


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Binchester (Vinovia) Excavation Project 2009-2014.

The Archaeological Department of Durham County Council is continuing a five year programme of excavations at Binchester Roman Fort. The work is being carried out in partnership with the Archaeological Department of Durham University, the Archaeology Centre, Stanford University (California) and the Architectural and Archaeological Society of Durham and Northumberland.

The project was commenced with several large scale excavations and fieldwork with the intention of investigating  the south-east gateway, a part of the fort interior and a small section of the vicus.  The university training excavations began in early June and work continued with the public excavations until 7th August 2009. 

For information on the current progress of the excavation visit

Binchester Roman Fort is open annually from the Easter Weekend until 30th September. The site opens at 11am and closes at 5pm daily except in July and August when the hours are 10am to 5pm. The site is closed in the winter months. 


Vindolanda Roman Fort Excavations.

The Future

A planned research excavation at the Roman fort and settlement of Vindolanda which is based on some of the most important questions raised by the Research Framework for Hadrian's Wall. The excavation will take place between 2013 - 2017.
This follows on from the successful completion of the 2008-
2012 SMC.


   A press release on 14th September announced the discovery of a body buried in a pit in a barrack  block. The pit has been dated to the mid-third century when the garrison was the Fourth Cohort of Gauls.


A press release from the Vindolanda Trust has announced that the excavation team working on the north gate of the fort has discovered a unique religous shrine. The press release by Professor Anthony Birley states "What should have been part of the rampart mound near to the north gate has turned out to be an amazing religious shrine with a substantial and exceptionally well preserved altar dedicated by a prefect of the Fourth Cohort of Gauls to an important eastern god, Jupiter of Doliche".  

"The bottom half of a second altar has also been discovered in the shrine. This altar was dedicated by a prefect of the Second Cohort of Nervians". 

The 2009 Vindolanda excavations continued until mid September.

More information about these new discoveries and translations of the inscriptions can be found by visiting the Vindolanda website using the link on the Links Page.