Hadrianic Society Bulletin New Series

List of Articles, Discussions and Reviews


New Series Volume No.1  2006.

Articles and Discussions.

F. Kemmers - Coins, Countermarks and Caligula. The connection between the auxiliary forts in the Lower Rhine delta and the invasion of Britain.

Renate Kurzmann -  Prata, Territorium & Co-Roman Military Territories and their Terminology.   

Papers given at the Roman Army School, University of Durham, 2005.

A. Goldsworthy -  Militia to Mercenaries.

R.M.Sheldon - Trajan's Parthian adventure.

E. Valerio - The cohort in detail and in context.

A. Goldsworthy - Caesar as a general.

B. Hoffmann - 'Where did you get that?' Roman imports in Central Scotland.

D.J.Woolliscroft - 'When the Romans knocked down grandma's house.' Flavian forts and native settlements.


From Aquincum by way of Carnuntum to Virunum and 28 places in between (D.Hermges)

Solving your tactical errors with the help of Homer? (R.M. Sheldon)

A reprint of the Obergermanisch-Raetische Limes (B.Hoffmann) 


Hadrianic Society Bulletin,  

New Series Volume No. 2  2007.

Articles and Discussions.

D. Shotter, How the North West was won.

J. Wintjes, The Classis Britannica - aspects of the history of Roman naval units in North West Europe.  

Papers given at the Roman Army School, University of Durham, 2006.

G. Brueggenman, The Marching Camp.

M. Symonds, Built for purpose: early fortlet use in Britain and Germany.

D.J. Woolliscroft, Aerial and geophysical surveys of the Roman Forts north of the Antonine Wall: recent work by the Roman Gask Project.

B. Hoffmann, Roman, 'natives' and the others.


Chapman, A catalogue of Roman Military Equipment in the National Museum of Wales (Bill Griffiths)

S. Biegert, A. Hagedorn, A. Schaub, Kontinuitaetsfragen, Kaiserzeit - Spetantike - Fruehmittelalter (Birgitta Hoffmann) 

Jerome H. Farnum, The positioning of the Roman Imperial Legions (Nick Hodgson)

S. J. Malone, Legion XX Valeria Victrix - prosopography, archaeology and history (Renate Kurzmann)

David Mattingley. An Imperial Possession, Britain in the Roman Empire 54BC-AD 409 (David Woolliscroft).


Hadrianic Society Bulletin.

New Series Volume No 3  2008.

Editor's Competition Winner,

J. Walsh, Constantine the General.

Articles and Discussions. 

B. Elliott,  Octavia Minor.

R. Kurzmann,  Velius Rufus and the Mirebeau Bricks.

G. Brueggemann,  Dalginross Camp.

Papers given at the Roman Army School, University of Durham, 2008.

A. Goldsworthy,  The Late Roman Army.

M. Corby,  Pyrrhus: Could he have won?

K. Kleemann,  The Fall of the Limes?

B. Hoffmann,  A new look at legions and their hinterland.

M. Symonds,  Frontiers through their fortlets


M. Goodman, Rome and Jerusalem - The Clash of Ancient Civilizations (M. Sheldon).

A. Moffat, The Wall, Rome's greatest frontier (David Woolliscroft). 

A. Keaveney, The army in the Roman revolution (David Woolliscroft). 

A, Goldsworthy, Caesar: Life of a Colossus (Patrick Hurley).

A. Grant, Roman Military Objectives under the Flavian Emperors (D. Boddice).

D. Ross, Kbor Klib and the Battle of Zama (Birgitta Hoffmann).

R.M. Sheldon, Spies in the Bible (Birgitta Hoffmann). 

R. Bockius, Schifffahrt und Schiffbau in der Antike (Jorit Wintjes).

Trudie E Fraser, Hadrian as Builder and Benefactor in the Western Provinces (Birgitta Hoffmann).

Obituary for Vivian Swan (David Breeze).


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