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Roman Military Sites

Antonine Wall
Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum
Birdoswald Roman Fort 
Housesteads Fort 
Senhouse Roman Museum
Segedunum Roman Fort and Baths
Vindolanda Roman Fort


Societies and Museums

Association of Roman Archaeology 
Arbeia Society
Council for British Archaeology
Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society    
Great North Museum
Huddersfield District Archaeology Society
The Journal of Roman Archaeology
Roman Antiquities Section, Yorkshire Archaeological Society
The Roman Gask Ridge Project
The Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle
The Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies
Wurtzburg University

Re-enactment Groups
The Batavi 
Cohors Quinta Gallorum 
Colchester Roman Society 
Legio VI Victrix (The Antonine Guard)
Legio VIII Augusta MGV  
Ermine Street Guard
Roman Military Research Society 
The Roman Recruit 
The Vicus 



Pax Augusta 
Vita Gallicia



Cohors VI Astur/Legio VI Victrix
Cohors I Germanorum
Cohors III Vindelecorum 



Dr Adrian Goldsworthy Historian, Author, Roman Army School Speaker 
Graham Sumner  Illustrator, Artist, Roman Army School Speaker, Society                              Member
Clive Ashman   Author  




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