Roman Army School 2013

This was the 38th residential meeting. It was held at St Chad's College University of Durham.   

The speakers were:- David Breeze, Richard Bridgland, Jonathan Eaton, Adrian Goldsworthy, Erik Graafstal, Richard Hingley, Birgitta Hoffmann, Lawrence Keppie, Kurt Kleemann, Mike Macdona, Val Maxfield, Adam Parker, Graham Sumner, Matt Symonds, Paolo Trezzi, Jorit Wintjes, David Woolliscroft and Chris Young.

For the first time the Hadrianic Society's excursion to the Wall was open to those attending the Roman Army School.

Programme 2013

Saturday 23 March

9.00-4.30pm     Trip to Maryport and Tullie House Museum

8.30-9.15pm      Members' Reminiscences of Brian

Sunday 24 March

9.00-10.30am    Val Maxfield             On the relationship between literary sources
                                                             and archaeology

11.00-12.15pm  David Breeze          The long shadow of the 1930s on Hadrian's 

2.30-4.00pm     Richard Hingley        
Indigenous People and the Northern Frontier 
                           Chris Young             
Management of Roman Frontiers as Monuments
                     Jorit Wintjes
              Navy Ranking

4.30-5.30pm     David Wooliscroft    More Geophysical Surveys from Scotland 
                         Mike Macdona          
Vegetius and the Bucinator

8.30-9.15pm    Birgitta Hoffmann     The Gothic Siege of Rome

Monday 25 March

9.00-10.30am   Richard Bridgland   Columns 
                         Kurt Kleemann         
Prisoners of War
                         Lawrence Keppie
     Hadrian's Wall: the work of Emperor Hadrian?

11.00-12.15am  Adam Parker            Roman Jet in Britain
                    Paolo Trezzi             Finds at Inchtuthil

2.30-5.30pm      Free Time

8.30-9.15pm     Jonathan Eaton      The Political Role of Legionary Centurions

Tuesday 26 March         (Chaired by David Breeze)

10.00-10.30am   Erik Graafstal       Thoughts on the Construction of Hadrian's
                           Ray Hunneysett
    Priority Milecastles and the Vallum

11.00-12.15pm   Matt Symonds      Another look at Fortlets

2.30-4.00pm      Erik Graafstal        Small installations and Transport Corridors 
                       David Woolliscroft  
Roman Towers

4.30-5.30pm   Round Table Discussion  Small installations - their function and use

8.30-9.15pm    Adrian Goldsworthy  Augustus and the Roman Army

Wednesday 27 March

9.00-10.30am    Graham Sumner     Roman Soldiers: Uniformed Elite or Fashion

11.00-12.15pm  Jorit Wintjes          The Late Roman Fleet

12.30pm            Lunch and disperse


Roman Army School 2012

The Roman Army School in 2012 ran from Saturday 31st March to Wednesday 4th April. It was held at Collingwood College, Durham instead of St. Aidans College.

This was the 37th residential meeting, run annually by the Hadrianic Society.

The Roman Army School course commenced at 7pm on Saturday evening with dinner in the Penthouse Suite, where we joined the Hadrianic Society members attending their reunion.  The Roman Army School course then overlapped with the Hadrianic Society Reunion Weekend. The combined group  attended the first lecture after dinner and two other sessions on Sunday morning. The Hadrianic Society reunion ended after Sunday lunch. The Army School then continued with sessions on Sunday afternoon and Sunday evening.            

On Monday the Roman Army School continued with sessions in the mornings, afternoons and evenings.  The exception was Monday afternoon when there was free time to rest or explore locally. There was a social gathering with drinks and nibbles on Tuesday evening instead of a lecture.

The course ended after lunch on Wednesday.


Saturday 31st March

7-00pm  Dinner
8-30pm  Tony Wilmott  Roman Maryport

Sunday 1st April

8-00am  Breakfast.
9-15am Nick Hodgson  The internal planning of auxiliary forts
10-30am   Coffee
11-00am Val Maxfield   The Nile:  A Roman Limes?
12-30am  Lunch
2-30pm David Woolliscroft    Barri Jones and the Western Frontier
4-00pm  Tea
4-30pm    Birgitta Hoffmann   Septimius Severus  versus Pescennius Niger
7-00pm  Dinner
8-30pm Adrian Goldsworthy Cavalry tactics

Monday 2nd April

8-00am  Breakfast
9-00am  Mark Corby  The army and campaigns of the emperor Maurice (AD 582-602). Was this still the Roman army?
10-30am Coffee
11-00am Ed Valerio  Heraclius: (AD610-641) Triumph to tragedy
12-30am Lunch
2-00pm  Free Time
7-00pm  Dinner
8-30pm  Matt Symonds  Framing research? The aftermath  of Frontiers of Knowledge

Tuesday 3rd April

8-00am Breakfast
9-00am Adrian Goldsworthy  Forum Gallorum - eye-witness  accounts and the legions at the end of the Republic
10-30am Coffee
11-00am  Kurt Kleemann The invisible men - Interpreters in the Roman army
12-30am Lunch
2-30pm Birgitta Hoffmann  The battle of the Milvian Bridge
4-00pm Tea
4-30pm David Breeze   Writing the frontiers: creating The Frontiers of Imperial Rome
7-00pm Dinner
8-30pm Wild Party.

Wednesday 4th April

8-00am Breakfast
9-00am  Mike Macdona The practical Vegetius
10-30am Coffee
11-00am Jorit Wintjes  The "real" navy? The Misenum and Ravenna fleets in the Roman Empire
12-30am Lunch



Roman Army School 2011 

The 2011 Roman Army School was held at St. Aidan's College, Durham from Saturday 16th April to Wednesday 20th April.

This was the 36th residential meeting, run annually by the Hadrianic Society.  The general theme was again "Enemies of Rome", one we used in 2010, although not all speakers took a related topic.

The speakers were :- Mark Corby,  Brian Edwards,  Adrian Goldsworthy,  Nick Hodgson, Birgitta Hoffmann, Charles Jackman, Fernando Quesada Sanz, Matthew Symonds, Ed Valerio, Jorit Wintjes, and David Woolliscroft.

2011 Programme 

Saturday 16th April 

7-00pm   Dinner
8-30pm    Matthew Symonds  Crossing the line: controlling access on Hadrian's Wall

Sunday 17th April

09-15     David Woolliscroft    New work in Scotland
10-30  Coffee
11-00    Adrian Goldsworthy    Secret river crossings by bandits - the Roman response
12-30  Lunch
2-30     Birgitta Hoffmann    The Roman army under siege - the Batavian Revolt
4-00     Tea
4-30     Brian Edwards       Shimeon bar Kosiba,  enemy of Rome
7-00    Dinner
8-30   Fernando Quesada Sanz   Weapons of Rome's Iberian enemies.

Monday 18th April

09-00 Mark Corby   The First Jewish Revolt - Jerusalem and Masada
10-30  Coffee

11-00  Adrian Goldsworthy   Roman Cavalry - tactics, effectiveness and cost
12-30  Lunch
2-30     Free time
7-00   Dinner8-30   Jorit Wintjes  Roman provincial fleets - A new approach

Tuesday 19th  April

9-00   Fernando Quesada Sanz    Pitched battle  tactics (not guerrilla) of Iberians and Celtiberians
10-30  Coffee
11-00  Adrian Goldsworthy   Antony's Parthian War and Actium campaign - an accident waiting to happen
12-30   Lunch
2-30 Ed Valerio  Justinian's Folly - retaking the West
4-00  Tea
4-30     Charles Jackman   Training in the Roman army
7-00  Dinner
8-30  Wild Party

Wednesday 20th April

9-00   Nick Hodgson     Septimius Severus in Britain
10-30 Coffee
11-00 Jorit Wintjes  A riddle of the sands?  Palmyra, Rome and the Sassanids
12-30 Lunch