Members' Photo Galleries

Guidance on submitting photographs.

All digital photo formats are acceptable: prints can be scanned but will only be returnable at the next society weekend. Pictures will be converted to jpeg, resized, and overprinted with a copyright message if one is not present.

This will be:©Hadrianic Society +year unless otherwise requested.

Please ensure that YOU own the rights to publish the photos i.e. they were taken by yourself, or for you by a relative or friend, and not in a museum, or on a site, where photography is permitted for personal use only.

In the current climate it is unwise to publish pictures of recognizable children. Small figures incidental to the main subject are probably acceptable.

Note that it is impossible to prevent downloading of photos from the internet. The size of photos selected for the galleries is a compromise between acceptable clarity and file size so that there is some handicap on unauthorised re-use.

The choice of pictures for inclusion is at the webmaster's discretion.


Using the Galleries

To enter gallery click on title. Galleries open in a new window.

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Brian Dobson Contributions from: David Breeze, Ray Hunneysett, Charles Jackman, Gill Law

Alesia 2012 by Gill & Richard Law

Limes Tripolitanus by Gill & Richard Law

Cavalry Re-enactors July 2010 by Charles Jackman

 The Roman Military Saddle  by Various Members