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Roman Army School 2018 will run from Saturday 24th to Tuesday 27th March 2018, at St Chads College, University of Durham. This year the theme is:

Military Commanders and Other Officers of the Army

The speakers will include Dr Adrian Goldsworthy on Roman Generals, Dr Jon Coulston of St Andrews University on officers and soldiers on Trajan's Column, Graham Sumner on officers' clothing, Richard Bridgland on naval officers, Jonathan Eaton on centurions, Professor David Breeze on equestrian officers and officers below the centurionate, Dr Rob Collins on officers of the late empire. Mark Corby will offer a retrospective view of Roman officers based on his own military service which will lead into a final discussion. 

Please note: The Hadrianic Society weekend and Roman Army School overlap. The first lecture of the RAS follows the optional excursion and is after dinner on Saturday 24th March for those who would like to attend. Delegates not participating in the Hadrianic Society weekend may join on Sunday 25th.  

Please Note: The Roman Army School overlaps with the Hadrianic Society's Reunion Weekend.  It formally starts on the evening of Saturday 24th March when Weekend delegates return from an excursion to Hadrian's Wall. 

All Roman Army School delegates are very welcome to participate in this excursion This year we will visit Carvoran, Chesters and Corbridge to look at barrack blocks and officers' houses. The excursion departs from Durham after Breakfast on the Saturday, so it may be necessary to arrive on Friday evening and have an additional night's accommodation. Please indicate additional requirements on the Roman Army School booking form, or simply use the booking form for 'Weekend and Roman Army School'.  The total cost is the same either way.

The booking forms can be downloaded here:

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